Fashion Talk

My husband reads a lot of books. And he blogs about a lot of books over at Literary Exploration. As a result, there are often packages showing up at our house from publishers with books that they’d like him to read and review.
Last night with friends, we were talking about how many dresses I own. Some people are convinced that I own too many dresses, as they think I wear something new every time they see me. They asked my husband how many dresses I really owned (too many to count), and I told him that he owned too many books (he has more books, than I have dresses) but then he did point out that most of his books are free, and once people sent me free clothes, I could have as many dresses as he has books.
So I wonder if I start blogging about clothes, if people would send me free clothes. Would anyone be interested in brief updates of my new clothes? Its not very nerdy which was the original topic of this blog, but I might feel like blogging about other things.
I’m not a t-shirt person usually, but there are some great t-shirts out there. At the moment, one of my favourites is this one my sister wore today that she got from SnorgTees

Accent Shirt

So perhaps in the future there will be talk of clothes and new dresses and cute tshirts amongst the books, movies, comics, and epic travel talk.


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