Cosplay Concepts

I secretly want to cosplay. I’m not sure if cosplay is the correct word for what I want to do, or if that is something more specific. But I want to dress up in something cute or fancy that people recognise on the street and maybe want to photograph and compliment me on.
At the limited number of conventions I have been to, I’ve always enjoyed looking at what everyone is wearing and their creativity and talent in creating such a costume. I wish I could do that.
A lot of the time, these costumes can be very sexy, very revealing and are worn by much more attractive women than myself. I can probably rule out any sort of super hero as they tend to show a lot of leg and wear something skin tight.
I’m thinking of ideas for what I could do. Something that is suitable for a larger than normal woman. Something that’s sexy but not too revealing.
My sister sent me a link to the woman who made a costume for Elsa the Snow Queen from Frozen. She’s stunning and the dress she has made is incredible. It worth checking out. Go take a look.
I could be a princess. In theory.
I did have a phase in my life where I did start making my own clothes, and I enjoyed it. So I potentially could make some sort of dress. Though I haven’t touched a sewing machine since i got married. Actually, I have touched one. When the couple who lived across the road from where I grew up both passed away, I was given their old sewing machine. So I did touch it to carry it into the house. But i haven’t even used it. And I really should.
This could be my new project.

Another project I’d like to try is these shoes.Shoes
I found a tutorial on how to do them here
I have a pair of white vinyl shoes that I wore on my wedding day, and haven’t been sure what to wear them with since. I would love to be able to get some more use out of them.
I wouldn’t usually describe myself as a crafty person, but maybe I am about to transform into someone who is.
I’d love to hear any suggestions on possible costumes that I could make and maybe wear to Comic Con.


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