The Literary Exploration Reading Challenge

I didn’t read very many books last year. I think I read something amazing at the beginning of the year, and I became reluctant to leave that world behind and enter a new one, so it was a while in between books. And then the ones I did read, didn’t end up inspiring me to keep on reading.
This year I have a goal to make more of an effort to read, so I am participating in the Literary Exploration Reading Challenge. This is an initiative over at my husband’s blog, that also happens in his GoodReads Book Club. This will be the second year it will be running. The idea is that you read books from different genres as a way to open yourself up to new reading experiences. People who participated last year seemed to enjoy it, so this year I will also be trying it out.
I will start off at the Easy Challenge and see how I go. If I finish that early enough, I might try to upgrade to one of the more difficult ones. Sometimes it is difficult to think what belongs in which genre, but that’s probably part of the adventure. So far, I’m doing ok, and I have nearly finished my third book and started my fourth book over the weekend. Not a bad effort for January. I hope I can keep it up.
As a result, I suspect there will be a few book reviews in the future. Some get posted over at Literary Exploration as guest reviews, which I hope to cross-post here. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading them.


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