Thank You Kindly

In my previous post, I mentioned that later this year, I will be participating in an epic North American journey with my sister and husband, starting with (hopefully) the San Diego Comic Con. But I’ll also be participating in something even more exciting than that. Something that brings a smile to my face every time it passes my mind.
I’m attending the RCW139 Due South Fan Convention in Toronto!
Due South was my favourite TV show as a teenager. Its something I accidentally came across and then fell in love with. I may have become a touch obsessive with it. There was one other girl in my class who watched the show and we would often bond over it, despite usually being part of different friendship groups. I wonder if i should try to find her on facebook and let her know I’m going and we can squee about Due South together again. But does anyone want to hear from someone they went to school with 15 years ago to discuss a TV show you once liked. I would, but would other normal people?
Benton Fraser represented the goodness of men. There aren’t that many positive male role models on television. Most shows seem to have men that don’t try that hard because no much is expected of them and often treat the women around them badly. I often find myself screaming at the tv for these fictional men to not make the bad decision you know will negatively affect their lives, but they go do it anyway. But Benton Fraser, despite his flaws, was a man who always tried to be the best person he could be. Polite and respectful and kind and grateful. Also a little bit hot. What more could teenage me want?
The night of the Due South final in Australia was also the night before my QCS test. If you aren’t a Queenslander, QCS is a big test you do that goes towards your final marks that determines ultimately what will happen with the rest of your life, or at least the following year. But its a pretty big deal at the time. But it tests Core Skills, so its not something you can actually study for, but we had done some practice runs at school. but you are given different stimuli and you have to interpret it or be inspired by it or whatever. There are some sciency questions and some writing questions. I wasn’t all that worried about me, but my mother was more concerned about it and insisted that i needed to have an early night so i could be rested for the test. So the night the final screened, I was in my bedroom secretly weeping. The house we were living in at the time had my bedroom in the middle of the house which had a window into the living room. It was kinda strange. So i climbed up onto the bed head to try and watch the final through the window while my mum watched it in the room next to me.
I can’t believe my mother would betray me like that! My school friend attempted to record the episode for me, and later that week we snuck into the science lab in an attempt to watching it but for some reason it didn’t record any of the images and only the audio. Pretty devastating stuff. I think i didn’t get to see the final episode properly for years after that when I was able to buy it on DVD.
When I went to university, I had access to the internet that I hadn’t had before, and in my spare time I would often search Alta Vista for Due South related stuff. Over the years I have read about the RCW139 convention and its been a dream to be able to attend, but its never been realistic. Canada is a long way from Australia. So last year when i saw the news that there was going to be another convention for the 20th Anniversary of Due South and i saw the dates coincided with while I was in North America, it all become something achievable. I think we were meant to be in New York City or Boston that weekend, but we’ve cut that short by a couple of days.
My husband will be joining me, although I don’t think he’s seen every episode of Due South yet, so we’ll have to do that before we leave.
I’ve been stalking twitter for other people that are going so I can get to know them and have someone I know when we get there so things are less awkward. Like the lovely Anna and Erica who are blogging about their experiences over at Due West.
I’m ridiculously excited about this. They say that Paul Gross is going to try and make it, and I’m not sure that I’m even phsyically capable of handling that much awesome if that was to actually happen. Imagine… Paul Gross…
Paul Gross as Benton Fraser.


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