Dragon Age 2

I recently finished Dragon Age 2. This is quite an accomplishment for me, as it is the first video game that I have ever finished.  There are a few games that I enjoy playing, but at some point I get stuck, it gets too difficult, i’m not sure what to do, so I give up.  But this time I made it! 

I loved the game.  The story line kept me going along, trying to find out what happens next, especially in my imaginary relationship with Anders who is off blowing up Chantries (is that a spoiler?) and question about whether our love will ever survive. 

I think its that relationship element that draws me in the most.  Is that how they appeal to the female demographic, or just to me?  What draws other women to the games that they play?  When I finished playing, I immediatly hard to start again, and see who I could have a relationship with the next time around. 

I am going to have to go back to finish Dragon Age Origins now, which i should have done before i started.  I just find it so easy to get distracted and forget about what I’m playing.

The other thing that this game has taught me is how hard it can be to put down the controller mid game when your spouse comes home.  So now I appreciate it so much more that my husband nearly always does so when I come home and he is playing. 

Now, if only Dragon Age had a two player mode, then that would be great for my marriage and its recreational intimacy.