Twitter relationships

My husband and I are both on twitter.  (You should go follow him, as the fact he has less followers than me leaves him feeling a bit insecure.)  It seems to work well for us.  We have combined conversations with various people. We can both keep up with what our friends are doing.  When we take photos of our dinner in a restaurant, we’ll mention the other one. 

However, there does seem to be another sort of couple, where only one half of the relationship is one twitter.  The non-twitter party has to put up with constant checking of smart phones, and personal jokes with  people they don’t even know, and the weird phenomenon of taking a photo of your food so that everyone else in the world can know what you are eating and at what restaurant.  I suppose, to the rest of the world, those on twitter can seem a bit odd.

A couple I know recently went away on a trip, and purposely left behind their phones, so to not tweet or facebook while they were away.  The concept was shocking.  If you holiday takes place, with no tweets as proof, did it really happen?  I am currently planning a trip to Spain and France with my husband, and am worrying about the possibility of not being able to have access to wifi to tweet about what we are doing, or where we are going, or what we are eating. And then there are people on the other side of things, purposely avoiding that. 

I suppose fair is fair. If one person isn’t on twitter, and can’t participate in that medium, its only natural they would feel neglected.  I suppose that Twitter isn’t for everyone, and if you decide to pair with such a person, you will have to be expected to take a break, to give your love the attention they deserve.

For us, the only real issue is if I’m in a cranky mood, and share my perceived idiocy of my husband with the twitterverse.  But i have learnt to not do that. He’s not really an idiot. But the heat of the moment, makes you say stupid things. on the odd occasion, I have just told the world.

How does twitter, or other social media, affect your relationship?