Armageddon Expo

I think I may have developed a taste for Pop Culture Expos.  After having such a great time at SupaNova last year, I’ll looking into attending Armageddon in Sydney in February this year. 

Only one name is recogniseable to me, and that’s Christian Kane, who is my favourite character in Leverage.  However, I still found heaps of awesome guests at SupaNova last year that I had never heard of before and never even dreamed of being interested in, like Travis Willingham and Vic Mignogna, anime voice actors.  Who’d ever thought i’d find anime people interesting? 

It is the same weekend as Soundwave, so if we make it to Sydney, then its definitely going to be an action-packed weekend.  I can’t wait to experience the pop culture expo phenomenon with my husband, after he missed out last year. 

Ooh, I wonder if they will have a special Leverage package, so we can have dinner with Christian?


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