I’m on a horse!

Old Spice Guy has to be one of the hottest things on the internet at the moment.  Everywhere I go, people are talking about him.  and if they aren’t, I’ll bring him up.  I introduced him to the girls at work today, and they are looking forward to seeing more of him in their own time.

This Old Spice Campaign has changed the face of advertising, i think.  It was a very clever move. It became interactive with old spice guy responding to questions on twitter and other various places on the internet.  he involved some of the bigger twitter celebrities, which only help spread the name Old Spice even further.  The flowers to Alissa Milano were a very nice touch.

Its going to be interesting to see what other companies do in response to this. Its going to be difficult to pull off something just as clever without looking like a lame imitation.

And now my Old Spice fan girl can revel even further at the discovery that the actor who plays Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, seems to be appearing in the upcoming series of Chuck.  What an awesome combination!