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a replacement for felicia

My sister was devastated to hear the news that Felicia Day had cancelled her trip to Australia for SupaNova a week after she bought her special Whedonverse tickets.

We have discussed possible suitable replacements that could make up for it, but no one seemed to compare.  But I came up with a great solution, that could somehow comfort my sister at the thought of missing out on Felicia.

I’m going to SupaNova too!

After accidentally discovering a sale with Virgin Blue flights to Sydney this afternoon, and 20 minutes until the sale ended, I had an adrenline packed few minutes to book myself some tickets to Sydney the same weekend as Supanova and to see my sister. This included my computer crashing, and my card being declined twice.  I’m extremely grateful to the people i work with who soon had the Virgin Blue website up on their own computer so I could get right back to booking my tickets.

It is very disappointing that my husband wasn’t able to get the time off work to join us.  As yet, i haven’t had my leave approved, so fingers crossed that actually happens.

Now, i’m only a geek poser, and most of the line up is completely forgeign to me, with only a couple of names being familiar, like Eliza Dushku.  There are a couple of names there that i know will cause jealousy from some of my friends, like people from Twilight and True Blood.

I’m looking forward to the trip, and to seeing my sister, and the experience as a whole


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