Free Comic Book Day 2010

Last year was my first experience of Free Comic Book Day. I was visiting my sister in Canberra for the weekend, and she took me along.  I found it very exciting, the place was bustling with people, and I got to collect 4 free comic books to check out.

This year I went to Free Comic Book Day in my own town.  The experence was not so exciting. When I arrived, nothing had been set up. When asked the staff didn’t seem to know much about the day, even though they were wearing shirts advertising it.  The response was a bit “oh,year, that.  It’ll be ready soon”.  We were only allowed one comic book, and as I felt like I was imposing by being there, I just grabbed something and left with my other purchases.  When I got home, I realised it was the same comic book that I got last year. I was very disappointed withi myself, and should have paid more attention.

While I was there, I also picked up a copy of the Chuck Comic, which i didn’t know even existed.  I must remember to bring it to work to show off to the other Chuch FanGirls that i work with.

I think Free Comic Book Day has great potential if marketed correctly.  I think its a good way to draw in new customers. I don’t regularly go to comic book shops.  I’ve barely been to the one in my own town.  I think more people would make an effort for something like Free Comic Book Day, and once in the shop, its amazing the things you discovered. I found lots of great ideas of things i could buy for upcoming birthday gifts for family and friends.  I know other people who would have been interested in going, but didn’t even know it was on.

In other news relating to Free Comic Book Day, check out this article about Spiderman making an arrest in a comic book shop.


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