Iron Man 2

My husband and I finally got a chance to check our Iron Man 2.  We are usually huge movie buffs, but haven’t had the chance to see anything in 3 weeks. I do believe this may have been the longest time I’ve been without going to the cinema in about 8 years.  I feel very behind on the latest releases.  There is so much I want to see, but I had to prioritise.

I had never heard of Iron Man before the first movie came out.  The main attraction for me, was Robert Downey Jnr.  You could put that man in any movie, and I’d line up to see it. I loved the movie, and the character Tony Stark.  It seems I can’t resist a man that oozes arrogance.  So, I was really looking forward to Iron Man 2.

Discussing it at work this afternoon, a colleague asks me if I found it a bit far-fetched.  Is it just me, or isn’t that expected when going to see a super-hero movie?

Scarlett Johansson is absolutely stunning, as usual.  The one that that got to me though, is how she has her out in her major fight scene.  I had very similar hair until recently cutting it off, and I think if i got involved in some major kick-assing, I would spend all my time trying to keep my hair out of my eyes and mouth.  If I even encounter such an opportunity, I’d choose to go with a ponytail or a bun.  However, not quite as sexy, I imagine.

We stayed until the end of the credits to see the segment which I’m told is a lead up to Thor.  Another character I’ll probably know nothing about until the movie comes out.  I asked my husband and asked him if I’m excited by this, and he says I am.  He knows me better than anyone, so I can’t wait to see this Thor movie.

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a replacement for felicia

My sister was devastated to hear the news that Felicia Day had cancelled her trip to Australia for SupaNova a week after she bought her special Whedonverse tickets.

We have discussed possible suitable replacements that could make up for it, but no one seemed to compare.  But I came up with a great solution, that could somehow comfort my sister at the thought of missing out on Felicia.

I’m going to SupaNova too!

After accidentally discovering a sale with Virgin Blue flights to Sydney this afternoon, and 20 minutes until the sale ended, I had an adrenline packed few minutes to book myself some tickets to Sydney the same weekend as Supanova and to see my sister. This included my computer crashing, and my card being declined twice.  I’m extremely grateful to the people i work with who soon had the Virgin Blue website up on their own computer so I could get right back to booking my tickets.

It is very disappointing that my husband wasn’t able to get the time off work to join us.  As yet, i haven’t had my leave approved, so fingers crossed that actually happens.

Now, i’m only a geek poser, and most of the line up is completely forgeign to me, with only a couple of names being familiar, like Eliza Dushku.  There are a couple of names there that i know will cause jealousy from some of my friends, like people from Twilight and True Blood.

I’m looking forward to the trip, and to seeing my sister, and the experience as a whole


No More Tears

There is this gadget, the onion bully, that can apparently stop you from crying when cutting onions.  Based on ‘tear science’, it tells your brain to not cry when cutting onions.  I wonder if this science would also prevent me from crying at other times, like during emotional tv shows, or minor disagreements with my husband where i don’t get my own way. 

‘Tear science’ could change my life. 

I even cried in the last Star Trek movie.


Free Comic Book Day 2010

Last year was my first experience of Free Comic Book Day. I was visiting my sister in Canberra for the weekend, and she took me along.  I found it very exciting, the place was bustling with people, and I got to collect 4 free comic books to check out.

This year I went to Free Comic Book Day in my own town.  The experence was not so exciting. When I arrived, nothing had been set up. When asked the staff didn’t seem to know much about the day, even though they were wearing shirts advertising it.  The response was a bit “oh,year, that.  It’ll be ready soon”.  We were only allowed one comic book, and as I felt like I was imposing by being there, I just grabbed something and left with my other purchases.  When I got home, I realised it was the same comic book that I got last year. I was very disappointed withi myself, and should have paid more attention.

While I was there, I also picked up a copy of the Chuck Comic, which i didn’t know even existed.  I must remember to bring it to work to show off to the other Chuch FanGirls that i work with.

I think Free Comic Book Day has great potential if marketed correctly.  I think its a good way to draw in new customers. I don’t regularly go to comic book shops.  I’ve barely been to the one in my own town.  I think more people would make an effort for something like Free Comic Book Day, and once in the shop, its amazing the things you discovered. I found lots of great ideas of things i could buy for upcoming birthday gifts for family and friends.  I know other people who would have been interested in going, but didn’t even know it was on.

In other news relating to Free Comic Book Day, check out this article about Spiderman making an arrest in a comic book shop.