Twitter TV

I am a bit of a fan of Twitter.  It panders to my narcissistic side in thinking the whole world might like to know what I’m thinking at various parts of the day.  I love having tiny glimpses into the lives of others, whether it be some B-grade celebrity, a girl i went to school with 15 years ago, or a close friend.  It is also a bit of a thrill when someone new starts to follow me because maybe my tiny glimpse into the world is actually worth listening to.  Or maybe they are just spam-bots.

I’ve spoken about twitter with my older work colleagues, but they don’t get the concept at all.  They don’t understand why I would care where someone I don’t know, or barely know, is having coffee.  They don’t know why I would care that someone I do know is having coffee.  For some reason, that holds appeal to me.

One of my new habits is to check twitter while I’m watching TV.  A new season of Masterchef has started in Australia, and it has trended a couple of times.  I make my various observations about  what I’ve watched, and I love to see what others have written.  More often than not, I find myself laughing alot more than I would if I watched the show on my own.  All of a sudden, it feels as though I’m watching the show with the whole world in my living room.

Unlike some people, I don’t really have an aversion to spoilers, so I also love to get on and see what people are saying about shows like Glee and Gossip Girl before I have a chance to see them myself.  It certainly builds the levels of anticipation.


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