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Six Things That Flung Me Into Geekdom

  • World of Warcraft – My now husband introduced me to World of Warcraft at a time when we weren’t even dating.  After letting me create a character to explore the game under his supervision, I soon owned my own account.  We’d log on together some nights, and he’d keep me safe from the Bosses.
  • Stranger’s In Paradise – My sister showed me Strangers in Paradise, and that was the first comic book I ever read.
  • Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog – Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion!  What’s not to love about this?  This is also where I discovered Felicia Day and started my girly crush on her.
  • The Guild – Once again, Felicia Day!  This webseries is funny and witty and addictive.
  • Xbox 360 – Its probably more a case of if you can’t beat them, join them.  My husband plays alot of Xbox, now I do too.
  • iPhone and my iPhone Addiction – Without my phone, I feel lost.

4 thoughts on “Six Things That Flung Me Into Geekdom

  1. Your husband is one lucky guy.

    My other half hates all type of gaming with the exception of the DS but thats only because our kids play it and sometimes need help.

    He must be in heaven 😉

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