Non-Lycra Superhero Costumes

My husband and I checked out the movie Kick-Ass the other day.  We really enjoyed it.  Hit Girl was our favourite character, and we are hoping that there will be a sequel so we can see some more of her.

The movie me got me thinking, just like the main character in the movie, about why we don’t have more people pretending to be superheros.  How great would it be to be able to put on some sleek costume every day?  I suppose that’s half the problem. I don’t really have the body that would go with a sleek costume.  Where are the superheros wearing maxi-dresses, or baggy shirts?

I was toying with the idea of having a superhero themed party for my next birthday (its only 11.5 months away) but we are going to have to find a super hero costume that is a bit more flattering than lycra.  A cape could be a good place to start.  I should start sporting  a cape and see what sort of response that gets.

My sister was telling me that her flat mate has a Superman Snuggie.  Apparently everyone in their family has a superhero snuggie made for them by their mother (or aunt?).  What a cute idea!   Maybe i could make a wonder woman inspired dress?

These flat mates have an upcoming Villains party.  It seems that Villains have more flattering costumes for those who aren’t so toned.  Maybe I’m just meant to be a villain.


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