Tomorrow, When The War Began

In high school, one of my favourite authors was John Marsden.   I fell in love with So Much to Tell You one Christmas holidays just before I turned 13.  Tomorrow, When the War Began was the first in a series of books which captivated me during my adolescence, as I’m sure it did for many Australian young people.

This is in the process of being made into a movie and the trailer has just been released.  You should check it out.  The cast includes Caitlin Stacey who used to be in Neighbours, and Lincoln Lewis from Home and Away.  I believe the rest of the cast is relatively unknown.  There has been some debate over whether Caitlin could pull off such a role as Ellie, but we are all about to find out.  The 15 year old in me really hopes she can.

I’m so excited about this being made into a movie.  My husband somehow managed to miss the craze in high school and I have him reading the series at the moment, even if it is 15 years too late.

The movies is scheduled to be released in Australia on 2nd September, but doesn’t have an international release date yet.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, When The War Began

  1. rachel hurd wood played wendy in peter pan. she is en glish. interestign to see if yshe can pull itoff

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