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Gaming distractions

There is a great article on AfterEllen about Felicia Day and her experiences of working on Dollhouse and The Guild.

There have also been some publicity shots from the production of Red by SyFy which is certainly adding to the excitement.

In other news, there has been some commotion at our place because my friend’s husband has decided to take a couple of days off work so he can come over to play games with my husband.  Apparently when she asked if he was seriously taking time off work to play Playstation, she was greeted with the response of “Don’t be ridiculous, we’ll also play XBox and Wii”.

I wonder how long into our marriage before my husband runs off with other men instead of spending some quality time with me?  The day they are planning on doing this, is also a day I have off work, so perhaps all 4 of us could play together.  Or maybe we can find something girly to do on our own.


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