My husband and I just got a PS3!

Last week, we were watching Good Game on ABC1 and they did a review for a game called Heavy Rain that sounded pretty good.  I thought i wouldn’t mind playing it and was disappointed to learn it was a PS3 game, and we only had a PS2.  An opportunity soon presented itself to acquire a PS3 at a reasonable price, so we took it.  A colleague of my husband had bought it, and then realised he didn’t want it after all, so gave it to us for about halfprice.  And he threw in a HDMI cable!

The afternoon my husband bought the game home, I was home early from work due to sickness.  He asked me if I needed anything, and said he’d go to the shop.  Really it was just a cover to go buy Heavy Rain.  Hubby says the game is really intense, but I haven’t had the chance to play it myself yet.

Today he bought Buzz:  Quiz TV as a present for me.  Hopefully we’ll be playing that tonight.  Buzz is one of my favourite games ever.


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