Tomorrow, When The War Began

In high school, one of my favourite authors was John Marsden.   I fell in love with So Much to Tell You one Christmas holidays just before I turned 13.  Tomorrow, When the War Began was the first in a series of books which captivated me during my adolescence, as I’m sure it did for many Australian young people.

This is in the process of being made into a movie and the trailer has just been released.  You should check it out.  The cast includes Caitlin Stacey who used to be in Neighbours, and Lincoln Lewis from Home and Away.  I believe the rest of the cast is relatively unknown.  There has been some debate over whether Caitlin could pull off such a role as Ellie, but we are all about to find out.  The 15 year old in me really hopes she can.

I’m so excited about this being made into a movie.  My husband somehow managed to miss the craze in high school and I have him reading the series at the moment, even if it is 15 years too late.

The movies is scheduled to be released in Australia on 2nd September, but doesn’t have an international release date yet.


Supa Nova!

Received a very excited call from my sister last night about one of the special guests for the Supa Nova Pop Cutlure Expo.

Felicia Day has been confirmed. as one of the guests for Sydney and Perth in June 2010. This has caused much giddiness in my sister, and a touch a disappointment in me, as its unlikely I’ll be able to make it. How awesome would it be to have the chance to meet Felicia Day.

in April Brisbane and Melboure will be having their Supanova with guests such as George Perez, Corin Nemec from SG-1, James Masters from Buffy, Smallville and Torchwood, and Paul Jenkins.

In Addition to Felicia, other guests at the Sydny and Perth Supanovain June include Chaske Spencer and Jodelle Ferland from Twilight, and Lou Ferrigno aka The Incredible Hulk.

Sounds like it will be a blast!

Dates are as follows:

Brisbane:  9-11 April at RNA Showgrounds

Perth:  15-18 April at Royal Showgrounds

Sydney:  18-20 June at The Dome, Olympic Park

Perth: 25-27 June at Claremont Showgrounds

Brisbane and Perth Tickets are now available at Ticketek.  Sydney and Perth Tickets will be available from 1st May 2010.


Dr Horrible Sequel!

Neil Patrick Harris has told MTV that the sequel to Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog will most likely be a full length feature movie that will be available at the cinema.  I’m so excited about the concept.  I am curious as to whether Penny will have a role in it, and in what form they would bring her back.  Hopefully more will be revealed about this movie soon.

Gaming, Movies

Gaming distractions

There is a great article on AfterEllen about Felicia Day and her experiences of working on Dollhouse and The Guild.

There have also been some publicity shots from the production of Red by SyFy which is certainly adding to the excitement.

In other news, there has been some commotion at our place because my friend’s husband has decided to take a couple of days off work so he can come over to play games with my husband.  Apparently when she asked if he was seriously taking time off work to play Playstation, she was greeted with the response of “Don’t be ridiculous, we’ll also play XBox and Wii”.

I wonder how long into our marriage before my husband runs off with other men instead of spending some quality time with me?  The day they are planning on doing this, is also a day I have off work, so perhaps all 4 of us could play together.  Or maybe we can find something girly to do on our own.


iPhone Addiction

According to a new Stanford University study, iPhone users are becoming so reliant on their iPhones that they are actually reporting being addicted.  Students were asked to rate their addiction to their iPhones on a scale of one to five, from ‘not at all addicted’ to ‘fully addicted.’ Forty-four percent answered with a four or above.  More info about the study can be found here.

Another study, though maybe less scientific, done by Retrevo has painted iPhone users (addicts?) as superficial egomaniacs eager to access porn.  Apparently twice as man iPhone users as BlackBerry users have used their smart phone to access porn.  They also see themselves as more worldly and extrovert and intellectual.

I’ve never used my phone to watch porn, and I personally wouldn’t claim I was a superfician egomaniac, but I do worry about the addiction.  On more than one occasion, while watching tv, I have thought to myself “I should be doing something on my iPhone,” for no other reason than the fact that it is there.  The Stanford study revealed that 75% admitted to falling asleep with the iPhone in bed next to them.  I have an iPhone App called Sleep Cycle that measures my sleep patterns based on how much I move in bed. It requires me to have the iPhone in my bed when I sleep.  I’m one of those people who sleep with their phone!  Does that officially make me addicted?


Felicia is Red!

Heard some very exciting news announcing Felicia Day starring in Syfy Saturday Original Movie called Red, which is slated to premiere in 2011.  In this show she will portray the werewolf hunting descendent of Little Red Riding Hood.

Apparently SyFy are also doing adaptations of the stories of Aladdin, Sinbad the Sailor and Hansel & Gretel.  Sounds pretty cool.

I’m not sure if any of these will be aired on Australian television, but I guess we’ll know more next year.

Full announcement found here


Janet Evanovich’s Troublemaker

One of my favourite authors is Janet Evanovich.  I love the Stephanie Plum series.  And today I accidentally discovered that another of Evanovich’s characters, Alexandra Barnaby, is about to be made into a comic book.  You can check out the preview here.  I wonder if there are plans for Stephanie Plum to follow the same path.

THis makes me wonder what other stories there are in comic book format that i need to check out.