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No Strings Attached

The other night, my husband showed me some youtube clips for Xbox’s new Project Natal. They have a whole series of them with different people trying it out, including Felicia Day and other stars like Zachary Levi and Josh Gomez from ‘Chuck’, and a range of others. It looks like stacks of fun.

I think a gaming system like this makes it a whole lot more accessible to others.  I always struggled with games as I didn’t know which button i was meant to press, what the trigger did, or accidentally pressing pause, mid-fight, to the horror of those you are playing with.  Maybe I’m not as quick as everyone else when it comes to pick up these things.

When the Wii came out, it seemed so much easier.  It required actions i was familiar with.  I knew how to throw a bowling ball (kinda) so Wii Sports was something I could pick up.  It also meant I could now play these games with my 70 year old father, who will often join me in a game of Wii Tennis.  I can invite over non gaming friends, and its something we can all enjoy without having to have any real experience with gaming.

Project Natal seems to have taken it a step further by removing the controllers completely.  The video clips make it look so easy.  I don’t know if it will be that easy in reality, but it seems like even my mother could pull something like that off.  Though maybe we won’t have her jumping around so much, having recovered from recent hip surgery.

There is that whole physical element as well, which can only be a positive.  Gaming is no longer sitting on a couch pressing buttons.  It is something that can engage your whole body.  Jumping is no longer pressing a certain button, but having to take both your feet off the ground.

Gaming is now entering a whole new paradigm, and I’m really excited to try it


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