My WoW was Violated

A couple of days ago I received an email saying that my World of Warcraft account had been suspended for 3 hours due to constant spamming. I was a bit taken aback, as I have barely played WoW since getting married, and I don’t think I’ve logged on this year.  And even when I am on, I wouldn’t be doing anything like spamming.  I immediately tried to reset my password, but had issues getting the authenticator to work.  Just last night I had my husband look at it, without much more success.

This morning I discover another email saying that they’ve closed down my whole account, as it seems that someone has been using WoW gold in exchange for real life currency under my name.  It upset me so much I nearly burst into tears on the spot.  Over a computer game!

I waited on hold to the blizzard people for 45 minutes.  I’m glad that no one took the call while I was showering.  I had to do something productive while i was waiting, and I still had to go to work.  I don’t think the “My WoW account got hacked” would suffice for being late.  The man I spoke to was very helpful and reassuring.  Hopefully by now the problem has been rectified, but I haven’t had the chance to check yet.  I’m told they will be able to return me all my gold and other items.  Not that I really had much to start with, but obviously enough to make it worthwhile for someone to keep hacking into my account these last couple of days.

Maybe this is a sign that its time to get back into playing it.  I still haven’t brought over my own computer to the new house.  My husband and I did say we were going to play on our respective computers together for our honeymoon, but it never happened.

I really must bring my computer home.


The Guild Comic Preview

I was so excited this morning to see the Guild Comic Book Preview.  Head on over there and you can see the first few pages of the first edition, being released on 24th March, 2010.

The comic book will explore the origins of The Guild characters, starting with Cyd and how she discovered Codex, her online alter ego, and how she met the other Knights of Good.

I am very thrilled that Felicia Day and her comic book creating colleagues at Dark Horse are giving us another medium to explore.

Gadgets, Gaming

No Strings Attached

The other night, my husband showed me some youtube clips for Xbox’s new Project Natal. They have a whole series of them with different people trying it out, including Felicia Day and other stars like Zachary Levi and Josh Gomez from ‘Chuck’, and a range of others. It looks like stacks of fun.

I think a gaming system like this makes it a whole lot more accessible to others.  I always struggled with games as I didn’t know which button i was meant to press, what the trigger did, or accidentally pressing pause, mid-fight, to the horror of those you are playing with.  Maybe I’m not as quick as everyone else when it comes to pick up these things.

When the Wii came out, it seemed so much easier.  It required actions i was familiar with.  I knew how to throw a bowling ball (kinda) so Wii Sports was something I could pick up.  It also meant I could now play these games with my 70 year old father, who will often join me in a game of Wii Tennis.  I can invite over non gaming friends, and its something we can all enjoy without having to have any real experience with gaming.

Project Natal seems to have taken it a step further by removing the controllers completely.  The video clips make it look so easy.  I don’t know if it will be that easy in reality, but it seems like even my mother could pull something like that off.  Though maybe we won’t have her jumping around so much, having recovered from recent hip surgery.

There is that whole physical element as well, which can only be a positive.  Gaming is no longer sitting on a couch pressing buttons.  It is something that can engage your whole body.  Jumping is no longer pressing a certain button, but having to take both your feet off the ground.

Gaming is now entering a whole new paradigm, and I’m really excited to try it


Gifts for St Valentine’s Day

While St Valentine’s Day is something my husband and I have never celebrated, I’m still going to cash in on it for my own blog, and also as a reminder that present can be bought any other day of the year.  Here is a collection of various nerdy gift ideas that can be used, if you are short of ideas.

Coloured Wii remotes!  While they are yet to release them in my favourite colour, I still get excited when game consoles release coloured controllers.

All of a sudden, you can turn it into another form of accessories, and you can wear shoes that much.  These are currently available on pre-order, and will be out soon.

I also discovered they have a black one available, which would suit my husband perfectly.

Personally, I have a bit of an underwear addiction, and I’m always looking for any excuse to expand on my collection.  I find these pants hilarious. Especially the “I’m Blogging this” ones.  I’ve said that so many times to my husband, as he forcibly removes the iPhone from my hands before i reveal things that might be a bit too intimate for  the public to read.

You can buy pretty much anything that can plug in as USB.  During Christmas time, little USB christmas trees were all the rage in my office.  This little USB Plasma Heart will do the same this St Valentine’s Day.  With childhood memories of those Plasma Balls from science museum visits, this is sure to impress your colleagues without taking up too much desk space.  and a great way for your sweet heart to think of you while at work.

There is something so tacky about this, but I’m sure it would impress any hardcore Star Wars Fanatic, and add a new dimension to Poker Night.  A game of Canasta will likely never be the same again with these Ladies of Star Wars Playing Cards.

My experience is that the best way to win over anyone in IT  is with caffiene.  whether it is picking up my husband from a day at work, or trying to get my computer fixed at work, something with a high caffiene content usually gets their attention.  Any gamer is sure to love the concept of the Health Energy Potion.  Containing things like elderberry, ginseng, and vitamins like biotin and folic acid, this energy drink is the equivalent of 4 crappy cups of office coffee.  Things are sure to happen with that sort of energy rush, plus it has the added bones of acting like some sort of gaming hero.  What’s not to like!

Continuing on the gaming theme, these shirts are an uber sweet idea for the romantic gamer.  With some sort of transmitter between the two shirts, you life level becomes renewed when you and your significant over are within 5 metres of each other.  Try to separate, and it drops down low.

Maybe a bit too tacky to wear in public, but I’d be willing to give it a go.

Happy Shopping and I hope you all have a wonderful St Valentine’s Day!