I have finally succumbed and I now own an iPhone.  I have been putting this off for ages, because it felt like such a bandwagon that everyone else had jumped on, or wanted to jump on.  My husband has been trying to convert me for ages.  My phone contract recently finished, and I wanted to change over to my husband’s plan, as hopefully that will save money.  He tells me that the best deal was with the iPhone, so that’s what i ended up getting.

I’m still getting used to it.  It seems to contain alot of procastinating potential. I keep wanting to check out different applications on it, and realise that I should be doing something productive, or going to sleep.  Hopefully the novelty of it will wear off soon.

A few people have told me that I can now classify myself as ‘cool’.  I really don’t subscribe to the school of thought that some material object is what makes you cool.  If I’m cool, its not because of my phone.

I do like having that instant access to information on things like Wikipedia.  Remember the old days when, if you wanted to find out something, you’d have to wait to get home and log on to your computer to be able to look it up.  And remember before that, and you’d have to look up an encyclopedia.

I remember my parents investing in a set of encyclopedias when my sister and I were young, and that we’d often go through them, just to discover the random and interesting things they contained.  I remember that musty smell they had when you opened them up.  All that information is so much easier to obtain these days, and without the special aroma

I wonder what ever happened to those encyclopedias.

So, I’m officially on the iPhone bandwagon.  Feel free to suggest some apps that i should check out, or absolutely must have.


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