Knight of the Guild

I’m a bit of a Dr Horrible fan.  How could one not be?  I found it on Itunes one day and bought it because it sounded good.  I’m not one to resist a sing-a-long blog.  For once, it was me introducing my husband and sister to something new and delightfully geeky. My sister, my husband and I all own some form of Dr Horrible shirt.

One of the many highlights of the web-show is Felicia Day.  She’s just so beautiful.  I’ve been following her on twitter.  One day she’ll notice me, and then we’ll become best friends.  Or she’ll find that a bit too creepy and stay away forever.  Who knows?

Discovering Felicia led me to her other creation, The Guild.  Its a great little web show that follows a group of people who play an online game, similar to World of Warcraft.  I was probably a little late to jump on the bandwagon, and was able to watch all of the first couple of seasons almost in one go.  Season 3 was so painful, only because i had to wait for each episode to become available, and each episode would leave me wanting more.  I think both my husband and I faced a dilemma each week if we were home alone when it downloaded as to watch it right away or wait for the other to come home. Most times we chose patience and waited and watched it together.

I think one of the things that has made me more nerdy is the assumption that everyone else is also watching The Guild.  I’ll race into work on a Monday eager to talk about the latest episode, and remember that no one else is watching it.  I’ll say some random quote from the show at a party, expecting everyone else to get the joke, only to be met with blank faces.

For Christmas, I gave both my husband and sister a shirt from The Guild.  Yes, they both wanted the same shirt.  Wearing them out in public always seems to get attention because people want to read it, and then want to know what it all means, and then you are stuck trying to explain the concept of a web show, and what its all about, and what the characters are like, and what the quote means, just so they can find it funny too.  They usually don’t, but I think that is their loss.

My Husband's Christmas Shirt

I’m so excited about the upcoming release of The Guild comics.

Will that mean I have to venture into the local comic book shop?  That could be an adventure in itself


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