Comic Book Confidential

Comic books and graphic novels have always seemed to be something that was relegated to nerds and geeks.  It was always easy to dismiss such things as childish and immature and for people who don’t really have a life or haven’t grown up.  I have discovered that such a view point is for the ignorant, as comic books can contain some amazing stories.  It is so much more than Archie or various super heroes.

My sister introduced me to comics through Terry Moore’s Stranger’s in Paradise.  Such a fantastic story.

Its about two high school friends who went seperate ways but found each other again.  Its full of sexual chemistry, and love triangles, and secret pasts, and deadly assassins.  It will make you laugh, and cry, and at times, break your heart.

I’m glad i got into it late in the series, because waiting for my sister to show up with the latest edition was torture.  A bit like waiting for the next episode of The Guild to come out.

Having experienced such beauty in comic form, it has made me alot more open to the concept.  During the Christmas break, I read a copy of Maus, by Art Spiegelman.  In comic form, Art tells the story of his father, a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust.  The story is so intense, that you barely notice that the characters are mice, cats, or another form of animal.

This is a unique form of story-telling, that its a shame that so many people aren’t aware of it, and are missing out.

And with The Guild comic, being produced by Dark Horse, coming out in March, it provides so much more to get excited about in this genre.  I’m sure there is so much more out there for me to discover.



I have finally succumbed and I now own an iPhone.  I have been putting this off for ages, because it felt like such a bandwagon that everyone else had jumped on, or wanted to jump on.  My husband has been trying to convert me for ages.  My phone contract recently finished, and I wanted to change over to my husband’s plan, as hopefully that will save money.  He tells me that the best deal was with the iPhone, so that’s what i ended up getting.

I’m still getting used to it.  It seems to contain alot of procastinating potential. I keep wanting to check out different applications on it, and realise that I should be doing something productive, or going to sleep.  Hopefully the novelty of it will wear off soon.

A few people have told me that I can now classify myself as ‘cool’.  I really don’t subscribe to the school of thought that some material object is what makes you cool.  If I’m cool, its not because of my phone.

I do like having that instant access to information on things like Wikipedia.  Remember the old days when, if you wanted to find out something, you’d have to wait to get home and log on to your computer to be able to look it up.  And remember before that, and you’d have to look up an encyclopedia.

I remember my parents investing in a set of encyclopedias when my sister and I were young, and that we’d often go through them, just to discover the random and interesting things they contained.  I remember that musty smell they had when you opened them up.  All that information is so much easier to obtain these days, and without the special aroma

I wonder what ever happened to those encyclopedias.

So, I’m officially on the iPhone bandwagon.  Feel free to suggest some apps that i should check out, or absolutely must have.


Knight of the Guild

I’m a bit of a Dr Horrible fan.  How could one not be?  I found it on Itunes one day and bought it because it sounded good.  I’m not one to resist a sing-a-long blog.  For once, it was me introducing my husband and sister to something new and delightfully geeky. My sister, my husband and I all own some form of Dr Horrible shirt.

One of the many highlights of the web-show is Felicia Day.  She’s just so beautiful.  I’ve been following her on twitter.  One day she’ll notice me, and then we’ll become best friends.  Or she’ll find that a bit too creepy and stay away forever.  Who knows?

Discovering Felicia led me to her other creation, The Guild.  Its a great little web show that follows a group of people who play an online game, similar to World of Warcraft.  I was probably a little late to jump on the bandwagon, and was able to watch all of the first couple of seasons almost in one go.  Season 3 was so painful, only because i had to wait for each episode to become available, and each episode would leave me wanting more.  I think both my husband and I faced a dilemma each week if we were home alone when it downloaded as to watch it right away or wait for the other to come home. Most times we chose patience and waited and watched it together.

I think one of the things that has made me more nerdy is the assumption that everyone else is also watching The Guild.  I’ll race into work on a Monday eager to talk about the latest episode, and remember that no one else is watching it.  I’ll say some random quote from the show at a party, expecting everyone else to get the joke, only to be met with blank faces.

For Christmas, I gave both my husband and sister a shirt from The Guild.  Yes, they both wanted the same shirt.  Wearing them out in public always seems to get attention because people want to read it, and then want to know what it all means, and then you are stuck trying to explain the concept of a web show, and what its all about, and what the characters are like, and what the quote means, just so they can find it funny too.  They usually don’t, but I think that is their loss.

My Husband's Christmas Shirt

I’m so excited about the upcoming release of The Guild comics.

Will that mean I have to venture into the local comic book shop?  That could be an adventure in itself



I recently cracked the 1000 gamer point mark on XBox.  I feel rather proud of myself, but I’m really not sure why.

I started on XBox with basic games like Zuma, the sort of games I was familiar with.  I was also quite fond of Golden Axe which brought back memories of playing the game on my neighbour’s computer.  That soon progressed to Peggle, where I became determined to complete every challenge.  I’m still yet to achieve that dream, as I have become distracted with Dragon Age.

Dragon Age is a game that is a bit like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure stories that I loved when i was a child.  You are given options throughout the game where you can shape your character’s character and, ultimately, their destiny.

The other day when I was home from work, I spent quite a few hours with this game, especially after the discovery that you can seduce other characters in the game.  Somehow, my husband can tell when I’m playing XBox, even when he’s at work, and he was quite excited to come home to find me playing games.  He announced rather eagerly that his colleagues were jealous as their wives show no interest in gaming.

I highly doubt they were jealous.  I’m sure having a wife that does housework or cook dinner would be far more useful than one who spends 4 hours playing Dragon Age.

I think I am coming to the end of the game though, and I’m sure after that, things will return to normal, and maybe some vaccuuming will get done.


Even though I have managed to avoid watching Star Wars all my life, I still somehow find it influencing my life.

Last year, we took a trip to Sydney, and went to the PowerHouse Museum, where they were having a Star Wars display.

Maybe i should watch the movie, for no other reason than to find out what this character’s name is


Hello world!

In 2009, I got married to a wonderful man who would describe himself as a nerd.

I also have a beautiful sister, that fits that same description.

At our wedding, my sister gave a speech, in which she handed over my ‘geek upbringing’ to my new husband, a responsibility that he has taken very seriously.

I wouldn’t really describe myself as ‘nerdy’ although I do often find myself becoming excited about nerdy things.  I love to play World of Warcraft, and i often Sing along with Dr Horrible.  Other things I am yet to discover, and there is a whole other area that I’m hesitant to even explore.

I have never seen Star Wars.  Well, I did turn it on once, when it was on TV, and there were these robot things talking to each other, and I thought it was all a bit silly, so turned it off again.  My husband tells me that part of our marriage covenant will require me eventually submitting and watching it.  However, I’m rather fond of being one of the very few people in the world who has never seen any of the Star Wars movies.  If I lose that, what makes me special?

I’ve decided to write this blog, as a record of my exploration into geekiness, and possibly discovering new sides to myself.  I hope you enjoy the ride.